Future State LLC is a Manufacturing Consultancy business which is owned and operated by Ken Curtis.  

Ken is a manufacturing professional with more than thirty years of process engineering and leadership experience. He has a genuine passion for the manufacturing world and dedicates hundreds of hours each year to growing his knowledge.  He actively researches new technologies, attends trade shows, and visits manufacturing companies around the world. These experiences add to Ken’s diverse body of knowledge. A body of knowledge he is eager to share.

From systems and processes, to the people who work on them, Ken has the knowledge and experience to identify opportunities. And coupled with his leadership and drive, he has the skills to help solve them. His goal is to help manufacturers reach new heights!

Ken Curtis (Foreground) as he approached the summit of Denali - A personal new height!
Driven by well structured goals, “achieving new heights” is a way of life for Ken. Here, Ken and his climbing team approach the summit of 20,310 foot tall Mount Denali in Alaska.